The Health Benefits Of Ketosis / Keto Diet and Weight Loss

When your body is deprived of carbohydrates and then they are replaced with lots of protein and fats, then the body metabolism starts to shift so that it can accommodate this change. This initial stage is called the lipolysis, and this is the stage where the burning of fat starts so that it can, as energy. Then the ketosis is the next stage of the process, and this is when the body metabolism will shift from getting the energy from the carbohydrates, but now get the body energy from fats. When the ketosis process is taking place, this is when the body loses the excess weight. For more info on Ketogenic Diet, click Our Paleo Life. The ketosis is used relating to the blocks fat that is stored in the body for release as energy which is known as the ketones.
The ketosis process does not make one to lose the muscle tissue unless the body is completely out of fat. This will even facilitate the burning of more fat, and you will still retain the strength thought out the whole body and especially in the smaller internal muscles. When the ketosis is taking place one can lose a lot of the excess fats, and the results can be noticed even in less than one week. The ketosis process is not dangerous, and it offers many miraculous health benefits. Apart from those people who could be diabetic and can get then ketoacidosis as a result of carbohydrates starvation leading to low blood sugar levels the ketosis process is safe and allows one to lose weight.
The ketosis dieting has also been used before in controlling the epileptic seizures and especially in small kids who have not started using any form of medication yet. Click  to read more about Ketogenic Diet. This process was more common in the earlier days, but it has given a keen interest in the recent days with more complex diseases like obesity, brain cancer, diabetes and many others. the low-carb, ketogenic diets have been researched and then well documented when it comes to controlling obesity. The participants will have an appetite suppressant effect. The ketosis diets will help in controlling the epilepsy seizures in little children, and they have shown tremendous improvement. The regular ketosis diet has shown improvement in most young children that are suffering from epilepsy seizures. There are also many other diseases that can be controlled by using the ketosis diets and you can effectively lose the extra weight through this process. Learn more from